NSS of North Texas Events

February 24, 2023, “Space Rendezvous” at 54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse (1850 Market Pl Blvd, Irving, TX 75063) from 6-8 PM. 

Come on by and get spacey on a Friday evening! I can’t reserve a table in advance at this location, but as soon as a few people are there we can get a large table set up. I plan to arrive around 5:15 PM to get things arranged. I will be wearing a National Space Society cap. I will tell the greeter to be on the lookout for Space Rendezvous visitors, but if that fails look in the restaurant section for us. I will set up the NSS pull-up banner next to our group if the restaurant staff allows. If all fails, call or text Bill Byrom at 972-898-4816 to find our table.

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