Educational Resources

Space Education & STEM

Learn more about space exploration, industry, and tourism through one of these excellent sites. STEM sites cater to younger audiences, but they are excellent resources for everyone.

James Webb Space Telescope – Images and news from the largest optical telescope in space.

Hubble Space Telescope – Images from the telescope that revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos.

JPL STEM – Activities and education around the physics and understand of our universe.

NASA STEM – Materials and information from the Earth to exploring the universe.

NASA Downlinks – Connect your classroom live with astronauts aboard the ISS.

NASA Kids Club – Games, stories and activities.

Science Buddies – Space Exploration STEM Activities.

The Achievery – Free Portal for STEM related learning grades K-12.

Society for Science Competition – Ages 15-18

Team America Rocketry Challenge – Ages 11-18

Dallas and Ft. Worth Recommended Places to Visit

C R Smith Museum – The CR Smith Museum preserves the history of American Airlines and explains what it takes to run the airline, as told through the perspective of those who where there.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History –  The museum still serves a similar purpose: to provide an extraordinary learning environment to the community.

Frontiers of Flight Museum – WELCOME. Experience the stories of aviation and space flight – from the Wright Flyer to the one-of-a-kind Flying Pancake to the Apollo VII spacecraft.

Monnig Meteorite Gallery – At the Monnig Meteorite Gallery, you can experience pieces of the Solar System up close and explore the mysteries of meteorites! Meteorites are the oldest materials known — older than any rock formed on Earth! Located on the TCU campus.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science – A natural history and science museum located in Dallas, Texas. 

Other Recommendation Locations

Space Development & Settlement

The Moon Society – The Moon Society has a list of white papers that provide information on Moon colonization.

The Mars Society – The Mars Society provides information on living and working on Mars.

Space Colonization Basics (NASA)

How Will Living On Mars Affects Our Human Body? (

Mars Survival Kit (NASA)

Space Exploration & Tourism

NASA – The core site of the space administration has a plethora of information on past, present, and future space missions.

SpaceX – The site provides information on the current launches and news on the advanced rockets and spacecraft. 

Blue Origin – The site provides information on the current launches and various space related endeavors.

Axiom – Making the possibilities of Low Earth Orbit accessible to visionary governments, researchers, manufacturers, and individuals.

Virgin Galactic – Space for the curious.